Version 4.1.6 - 2022/12/15

This release is a regular maintenance release. It contains mostly bug fixes and improvements regarding the documentation.


Download this version from the TYPO3 extension repository or from GitHub.


  • Do not include FileDeliveryEidDispatcher.php in TYPO3 10.4 and greater.

  • Update the user UID in links, because the EventListener is no longer called due to the cache.

  • Strict checking also works if a user is a member of more than the necessary groups.

  • Remove display errors for backend users.

  • Introduces unit tests.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2022-12-15 [TASK] update gitignore (Commit e6957b1 by Marcus Balasch)
2022-12-15 [TASK] build script for ter releases (Commit 264a317 by Marcus Balasch)
2022-12-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-4.x' into release-4.x (Commit fa7de31 by Marcus Balasch)
2022-12-15 [TASK] update libraries for non composer setup (Commit 84bf6e2 by Marcus Balasch)
2022-12-15 [BUGFIX] sometimes bypass missing dependency injection (Commit 44de09b by Marcus Balasch)
2022-12-15 [TASK] Set version to 4.1.6-dev (Commit 1806ff5 by Marcus Balasch)
2022-12-12 Fix access error if a folder in private storage via file list was called (#136) (Commit b65cf3a by Denis Kassor)


Following people have contributed to this release:

  • Denis Kassor

Thank you very much for your support. The next drink is on us! 🍻