• After you decided which layout template you want to use, you should customize that HTML-template and the CSS-file.

  • Copy this 2 folders into a folder in your fileadmin-folder:

  • If you select e.g. the folder fileadmin/ext/camaliga, then set the path to that folder with TypoScript-Constants:

plugin.tx_camaliga.view.templateRootPath = fileadmin/ext/camaliga/
  • Or with TypoScript-Setup:

plugin.tx_camaliga.view.templateRootPaths.1 = fileadmin/ext/camaliga/
  • Note: the folder “Content” must be in that specified folder.

  • Now you can edit the HTML-template-file. Which one? Its not hard to find the right one. If the template includes JS- or CSS-files, copy them to your fileadmin-folder and import them via TypoScript. They are included in the template only for the demonstration purpose. Remove them then from the template.Note: you find more information about each template at the beginning of a template and in the chapter tutorial.