What does it do?

This flexible extension can display elements as e.g. carousel, gallery, list or on a google map. Features:

  • Many templates for the output.

  • You can use the categories of TYPO3 for classification and restrictions in the front-end.

  • Fulltextsearch.

  • Proximity search if you use a OpenGeoDB table.

  • you can use different jQuery-plugins – even your own one – for displaying the elements.

  • It supports some Bootstrap 5 components: Carousel, Tab, Collapse and Modal.

  • Supports ke_search.

  • Scheduler task for CSV import and export.

  • Viewhelpers and utilities implemented.

  • You can create new entries via frontend or backend.

  • Backend module.

The extension is not allways easy to use, but it is very flexible and admins will like that.