1. Releases

    You can find an overview of all releases on GitHub.

  2. Changelog

    The best changelog is the GitHub commit log.

    I use commit messages to document some design decisions and to explain new features briefly.

  3. Blog articles

    If a version contains new features or important changes, I’ll write a blog post about it (available in English and German):

    May 14, 2021: “Speaking URL fragments” 2.0.0 (EXT:content_slug)

    New: Central TypoScript configuration of the URL fragment, as well as the support of links in the RTE (and TCA fields).

    March 20, 2021: “Speaking URL fragments” 1.2.0 (EXT:content_slug)

    New: use a button to automatically generate the URL fragment from the current header.

    April 2, 2020: “Speaking URL fragments” 1.1.0 (EXT:content_slug)

    New: immediate evaluation of the URL fragment when the editor leaves the form field.

    March 4, 2020: Release of TYPO3 extension “Speaking URL fragments” (EXT:content_slug)

    Human-readable URL anchors (“”) for TYPO3 content elements.