Correct syntax for URL anchors

Please be aware that only a limited set of characters can be used for such an URL anchor (officially called a "fragment identifier"). These are technical limitations.

Also, all URL anchors on the same page must be unique! If you use the same URL anchor in two or more content elements on the same page, they will be automatically appended with increasing numbering when saving.

If you write a non-supported character in the URL anchor field, it will be replaced when you leave the field or save the content element.


For your convenience, you can e.g. fill the URL anchor field with "Learn all about Product X".

When you leave the field or save the content element, it will be converted to "learn-all-about-product-x".

The following characters are allowed in this field:

  • ASCII characters (a–z)

  • digits (0–9)

  • underscores (_)

  • hyphens (-)

  • periods (.)

As soon as you leave the field (or the content element is saved) …

  • … all characters are converted to lowercase.

  • … HTML elements are removed completely.

  • … space characters are converted to the hyphen character.

  • … special characters (e.g. äöü߀) are converted to ASCII equivalents.


Readability: The URL anchor doesn't have to match your header exactly. But it will be more understandable for your website's visitor if it reflects the content of this text section.