Extension configuration

Go to the extension manager and open the configuration of the Extension Builder. Here several settings are configurable:

Property: Data type: Description: Default:
cacheType string Defines the used cache, if you have installed memcached, you have to define the server host/ip and the used port, if you use “none” there will be no cache used (not recommended) typo3
memcachedServerHost string If cacheType is set to “memcached” insert here the host/ip of the Memcached-Server
memcachedServerPort int If cacheType is set to “memcached” insert here the port of the Memcached-Server 11211
cookieCryptPass string If set, the cookie of GpsNose will be crypted with this pass  
debugLog boolean If set, all req/res to the API will be logged FALSE
backendLockedUser string If set, the backendmodule will only be accessible to a specific GpsNose-User