Module manual

If you like to use the GpsNose-Plugin, it is a must, to install the free GpsNose-App in your Smartphone.

For iOS:
For Android:

Create an account and validate it (only validated users are allowed to create new Mashup-Sites)

Open the GpsNose-Module (after installation the plugin, it will appear under the Admin-Tools on the left) Use the QR-Code-Reader in the GpsNose-App to scan the the generated QR-Code in the Module. Some seconds later, you should see the Mashup-Admin Page (empty list with an Add-Button)


Empty list

When you click the Add-Button you get the create-mashup page, enter the name of your mashup-domain


Add mashup-site

Click the Submit-Button, if the mashup-site is not registered by another user, you will see your temporary created mashup-entry. As long as you dont validate it, it will be bossible to change the visibility of the new mashup-site.

From now on, your page will provide a new meta-tag, this meta-tag will be used by GpsNose to validate the mashup-site

<meta name="gpsnose-validation-key" content="240dac81-573c-4a52-bc18-5e8a56a65d4d" />

If you are ok with your work, click the Validta-Button


Validate mashup-site

After GpsNose has validated the meta-tag, it will return the API-Key to the TYPO3-Backend

When everything works like expected, you are able to edit your mashup-site


Entry Detail

  • Validaten-Key is only used to validate the mashup-site and does nothing after validaten was successfully
  • App-Key is the secure 16 Byte key, dont show this information to anybody, it is your key to request data from GpsNose
  • Subcommunity is used to create a hierarchical structure, the plugins will provide
  • Allowed hosts defines witch host is allowed to request data from GpsNose

Target group: Administrators