Upgrading DCE

Upgrading to latest version 2.0 is simple, when you are at least on TYPO3 8.7 and DCE 1.5.

DCE provides some upgrade wizards in install tool of TYPO3, which pop up when necessary.

With composer

Just change your requirements section to

"t3/dce": "^2.0"

and perform composer update.

Then go to TYPO3 Install Tool and check (and perform) the upgrade wizards and database compare!

Without composer

Because DCE 2.0 changed namespaces an update may occure error messages, like:

Fatal error: Class 'T3\Dce\ViewHelpers\ArrayGetIndexViewHelper' not found

When you already have this error, you can simply delete the typo3conf/autoload folder. TYPO3 will recreate it.

To avoid this error before it happens, perform these steps:

  1. Uninstall DCE in extension manager
  2. Perform update (manual upload or TER update)
  3. Reinstall DCE
  4. Go to install tool and perform the upgrade wizards and database compare