Icon & Wizard

Here you can define an icon used for the new content element and control appearance in new content element wizard.

Icon & Wizard settings for DCE

DCE icon

The icon that is displayed in front of the entry in the wizard list can be chosen from a large number of available icons. You can also choose “custom”, which displays a new field to select the custom icon.

The icon also applies to CType icon.

Custom icon (24x24 pixel)

If none of the included icons fits your imagination you can also upload an icon in the format SVG, PNG or GIF with 24x24 pixel.

Show DCE in content element Wizard

When this option is enabled then an entry for this DCE is added to the list of the New Content Element Wizard.

Wizard category

You can select here in which category of the wizard the DCE should appear. Besides a new category “Dynamic content elements” also the TYPO3 own categories are available.

Wizard description

This is a short description text which is shown in the wizard and should describe what is the function of this content element. It can be also be left empty.