First steps

Create the first teaser

Go to any page you want to add a teaser list of pages, and add a new page teaser plugin:

pw_teaser in new content element wizard in TYPO3 backend

On tab "Plugin" you see all settings pw_teaser has:

General preferences of pw_teaser plugin

Define data source

First, we define which pages we want to display. We can choose between those teaser sources:

  • Childpages of current page

  • Childpages of current page (recursively)

  • Selected pages

  • Childpages of selected pages

  • Childpages of selected pages (recursively)

When you change the source to "selected pages", a new field Custom pages appears after reloading:

Define custom pages when pw_teaser source is "selected pages"

Here you select page(s) from the page tree which should be used as the source for your teaser list.

Make further options

In visibility options, you can filter or change the ordering of pages in the result. Under tab "Template" you can choose from some template presets.

See the teaser in frontend

That's it! Congratulations, you've configured your first page teaser!

In frontend you get a list with pages:

Default frontend output of pw_teaser

Checkout Templates for info about how to provide your own templates.