Using TypoScript

Predefine settings with TS

You may predefine some settings which are used in pw_teaser, unless it will be overwritten by plugin settings.

To do this, just write this in TypoScript setup:

plugin.tx_pwteaser.settings.[setting] = value

plugin.tx_pwteaser.view.[setting] = value


See the configuration Reference, which settings are available.

Add a whole page teaser with TS

If you want to add a page teaser in areas on your page, which are not editable by users, you can simply use typoscript to assign it to a marker or variable (i.e.) of your template. You could put it in a COA too, of course.


10 = COA
10 {
  10 = TEXT
  10.value = Latest News (based on pages)

  20 < lib.tx_pwteaser
  20 {
    settings {
      # see configuration reference
    view {
      # see configuration reference


The lib.tx_pwteaser is only available when you have included the static template to your TYPO3 template.

Using parsed TypoScript

You may use typoscript for aby pw_teaser setting.

For example:

plugin.tx_pwteaser.settings {
  source = customPages
  customPages = CONTENT
  customPages {
    table = pages
    select {
      pidInList = 1
      recursive = 50
      where = whatever=1337
    renderObj = COA
    renderObj.10 = TEXT
    renderObj.10.field = uid
    renderObj.10.wrap = | ,|*| ,| |*|

This example creates a comma-separated list for the setting "customPages". Unlikely to default Extbase behavior, the defined settings are parsed by TypoScript parser, before used in Extbase controller.