• [BUGFIX] Do not return empty array for default language in PageRepository::translatePids()

  • [BUGFIX] Fix missing array key "templateRootFile"


  • [TASK] Some whitespace/copyright improvements

  • [BUGFIX] Remove whitespaces in some pagination links

  • [BUGFIX] Do not throw "Layout folder not found" exception

  • [TASK] Add the possibility to call textmedia assets in the content php (Contribution of Matthias Peltzer)

  • [BUGFIX] Fix translation handling


  • [BUGFIX] Fix nested page view

  • [DEVOPS] Update DDEV configuration


  • [DOCS] Change README format from "rst" to "md"

  • [TASK] Update Copyright Notices

  • [TASK] Update AbstractViewHelper class to extend from

  • [DOCS] Add example Routing Enhancer configuration for pagination

  • [TASK] Replace SignalSlot dispatcher usage by EventDispatcher

  • [TASK] Provide Pagination in TeaserController and replace "widget.paginate" usage

  • [TASK] Return Response instance in TeaserController

  • [TASK] Fix warnings because of undefined array keys

  • [TASK] Do not use ObjectManager

  • [TASK] Add Services.yaml and use Dependency Injection

  • [TASK] Update Extbase plugin configuration

  • [TASK] Replace locallang XML with XLF

  • [TASK] Add extension-key to composer.json extra section

  • [TASK] Raise TYPO3 requirements (added v11, dropped v9 support)


  • [BUGFIX] Fix wrong extension icon path

  • [DEVOPS] Update DDEV install scripts (for TYPO3 environments)

  • [BUGFIX] Do not show warning in ItemsProcFunc, if pw_teaser typoscript is missing

  • [BUGFIX] Fix wrong Extbase mapping (for TYPO3 10+)

  • [TASK] Update README


  • [FEATURE] Documentation

  • [BUGFIX] Remove default value for setting "hideCurrentPage" in teaser flexform

  • [TASK] Set templateType by default to "preset"

  • [TASK] Remove "ENABLECACHE" extension setting

  • [BUGFIX] Fix image viewhelper usage in Fluid template

  • [FEATURE] Template presets

  • [BUGFIX] Merge view settings from plugin with typoscript

  • [TASK] Set label for default value in dropdowns

  • [BUGFIX] Streamline "templateRootPaths" setting

  • [TASK] Update copyrights

  • [TASK] Code style fixing

  • [BUGFIX] Custom fluid templates not working because of missing templateRootPath

  • [TASK] Move ext_tables.php contents to TCA/Overrides

  • [FEATURE] Add TYPO3 10 compatibility

  • Dropped support for TYPO3 8.7


  • [BUGFIX] No not escape output of GetContent ViewHelper

  • [CHANGE][!!!] Introduce {page.get}

  • [TASK] Compatibility Fixes

  • [TASK] Set version to 4.0.0-dev and update package name to "t3/pw_teaser"

  • Dropped support for TYPO3 6.2 and 7.6


  • [TASK] Fix license attribute in composer.json

  • [BUGFIX] Fix missing index attributes in numIndex nodes


  • [BUGFIX] Check for version 7.5 to use IconRegistry, fallback for TYPO3 6.2


  • Add support for TYPO3 7.6 to 8.x. Also added content element wizard entry.


Add new option "pageMode". Normally pages are passed as flat array to fluid template. If this option is set to "nested" you get a nested page object with (new attribute) childPages.


  • Add new option "recursionDepthFrom" to define a start for recursion.


Page and content model in pw_teaser does not have properties for all available columns in the accordant tables. With this patch, everytime you try to access such attribute the whole row of the page/content will be loaded (and cached) and the values will be accessible.

Example in fluid template:

<f:for each="{pages}" as="page">
    Page Layout: {page.layout}

Layout is one of these attributes, existing in pages table but not in page model. So this example will not work with previous versions of pw_teaser. Furthermore now also attributes added by other extensions are accessible.


  • Complete TYPO3 6.2 support

  • Massive refactoring of all classes (eg. namespaces)

  • Add language support (behavior of teasers like menu items in TYPO3)

  • Add categories attribute to Page and Content model

  • $page->getMedia() and $content->getImage() works with FAL (To work in template use $page->getMediaFiles() or $content->getImageFiles())

  • Add option to plugin to filter pages by categories

  • Add option to plugin to define recursion depth

  • Add getRootLine() and getRootLineDepth() to Page model

  • New extension/plugin icon

  • New Signal/Slot to modify found pages

  • Many bugfixes