Content Analysis

Where can I find the analysis?

Within the page module

On top of the page module you will find the “Readability” and “SEO” analysis: img-analysis-page

You can click on a particular analysis to see more information about problems, improvements and which tests have passed: img-analysis-readability


Within the page properties

Within the page properties the analyses are not clickable, but the results are shown at the appropriate place. Both results are shown under the SEO tab.

The Readability analysis can be beneath the Description field

The SEO analysis can be found beneath the Focus keyphrase field.



This functionality is only available within the Yoast SEO Premium extension.

Find out more about the premium extension.

Within the SEO tab you’ll find the “Insights” information.
This is a list of the most prominent words on your page.

An example of a prominent words list: