Snippet preview

Where can I find the snippet preview?

The snippet preview is located in 2 places.

By default it is rendered within the page module above your content: img-snippetpreview-page

You can also find the snippet preview within the SEO tab of the page properties: img-snippetpreview-properties

What information is used for the snippet preview?


The title is being generated based on your page title (General tab), overridden by the “Title for search engines” (SEO tab).
Based on your frontend configuration the website title gets prepended or appended.


This uses the content from the “Description” field under the SEO tab.
A default placeholder is shown when there is no description available.

Favicon and URL

The favicon and url are generated from the frontend information.
If there’s no favicon available (shortcut icon) the default favicon.ico from the root is rendered.

Can I disable the snippet preview?

There are two ways to disable the snippet preview within the page module:

On a specific page
If you want to disable the snippet preview for a specific page, you can set the property “Hide Yoast SEO snippet preview in page module for this page” under the “Social media” tab:


Disabling globally
If you want to globally disable the rendering of the snippet preview within the page module, you can set this within your user settings: