The Configuration module allows integrators to view and validate the global configuration of TYPO3. The module displays all relevant global variables such as TYPO3_CONF_VARS, TCA and many more, in a tree format which is easy to browse through. Over time this module got extended to also display the configuration of newly introduced features like the middleware stack or the event listeners.

Overview of the configuration backend module

The Configuration module with menu entry (1), Configuration selector (2), Search box (3) and Configuration tree

  1. Access this module in the TYPO3 backend under System > Configuration.
  2. Select the desired configuration entry in the upper menu bar.
  3. To find a configuration setting quickly enter a phrase in the search box.

    Is is also possible to use a regular expression for the search phrase. Click on the dropdown box and enable the Use regular expression checkbox.

  4. The configuration tree of the selected entry is displayed.

    Expand and collapse the settings with clicking on the triangle.

The Configuration module displays various configuration settings:

Extending the Configuration module

The Configuration module can be extended by third-party extensions. Have a look into the Configuration module chapter in TYPO3 Explained.