Patch/Bugfix upgrade

What are patch/bugfix upgrades

Patch/Bugfix upgrades contain bugfixes and security updates. They never contain new features and do not break backwards compatibility.

For example, upgrading from TYPO3 version 11.5.2 to 11.5.3 is a patch/bugfix upgrade.

Before upgrading

The pre-upgrade tasks chapter contains a list of tasks that should be actioned prior to upgrading to a major release.

The only tasks that need to actioned for a patch/bugfix upgrade are making a backup and updating the reference index.

Check if updates are available

There are two ways to check if a patch/bugfix update is available for an installation of TYPO3.

All supported versions of TYPO3 and their version numbers are published on

Alternatively, running composer outdated -m "typo3/*" will present a list of any TYPO3 packages that have patch/bugfix updates.

Execute the upgrade

To execute the upgrade, run composer update --with-all-dependencies "typo3/*".

This will upgrade all TYPO3 packages, the --with-all-dependencies signals that any dependencies of TYPO3 should also be upgraded.

Post upgrade

Once Composer has finished upgrading the installation of TYPO3, log in to the backend and clear all caches.

Admin Tools > Maintenance > Flush TYPO3 and PHP Cache