TYPO3 v7 has reached its end-of-life November 30th, 2018 and is not maintained by the community anymore. Looking for a stable version? Use the version switch on the top left.

There is no further ELTS support. It is recommended that you upgrade your project and use a supported version of TYPO3.

Backend users module

The SYSTEM > Backend users module offers a convenient way of working with backend users and groups. It provides a list of both users and groups. The users list can be searched and filtered.

It also offers two additional, convenient features. The first is the possibility to compare users. Just add users using the "+ Compare" button and then hit the "Compare user list" button. For example, this is the comparison of the three different editors provided by the Introduction Package:

Comparing users thanks to the Backers users module

The other useful is the ability to switch user, by clicking on the "Switch to user" action icon:

The button to simulate another user

You will then be logged in as that user (note how the user name is prefixed with "SU" for "Simulate User"). To "switch back", just use the "Exit" button (which replaces the usual "Logout" button).