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Configuration options that apply to frontend configuration.

Deprecated since version 9.5: This option was removed in TYPO3 v10 with the breaking change Breaking: #88564 - PageTSconfig setting "TSFE.constants" removed.



[TypoScript Frontend Constants defaults]


Defaults for TypoScript Template constants!

This feature allows you to pass some amount of information (in the form of TypoScript Template constants) to the frontend.

The specific use of this should be information which you want to configure for both frontend and backend. For instance you could have a backend module which should act in a certain way depending on in which branch of the page tree it operates. The change of behavior is set by Page TSconfig as always, but since you need the same setting applied somewhere in the frontend you don't want the redundancy of specifying the value twice. In such a case you can use this feature.

Example = 123

In the frontend TypoScript templates you can now insert this constant as {$}.

Showing TS constants with the TypoScript Object Browser

Showing TS constants with the TypoScript Object Browser

In the backend module (in the Web main module) you can reach the value by a few lines of code like these

$PageTSconfig = \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Utility\BackendUtility::getPagesTSconfig($this->pObj->id);
$websiteID = $PageTSconfig['TSFE.']['constants.']['websiteConfig.']['id'];


In the frontend the setting of default constants will only apply to a branch of the tree if a template record is found on that page, or if a template record is set for "next level". In other words: If you want the Page TSconfig constant defaults to affect only a certain branch of the page tree, make sure to create a template record (a blank one will do) on the page that carries the Page TSconfig information.