Setup ddev environment (docker based)

Local installation of one of the sites


All you need is ddev and Docker installed.



  1. Install Docker - find it here

  2. Install ddev - find it here

Clone and prepare files

  1. Clone your website repository (in case for - find it here)

  2. Copy the ./auth.json.example to ./auth.json

  3. Edit the ./auth.json file and add your gitlab ( account

  4. ddev start

  5. Download and extract the ZIP file the DB dump, see Download assets

  6. Use ddev import-db and follow the wizard to import the SQL file into the database

  7. Browse to the frontend or the backend

Download assets

To download the database dump, you need to visit the CI/CD area. For e.g. the project, it's here.

Check for an existing maintenance stage in one of the pipelines:

Hovering maintenance stage

Then open the stage and click on the play button to create a dump for local environment:

Play button to create local dump

Wait for the build to end and click on the result page. There you can see the Download link in the right column:

Download dump for local environment

Work on CSS and JS

The CSS and JS are built on every start of ddev. If you need to update them, just run ddev start. If you work on CSS and JS, you are able to use the built-in npm in the docker container by

  1. Run ddev ssh

  2. Run npm watch --prefix=private/typo3conf/ext/t3olayout/Build

  3. Change CSS and JS, the changes are generated live

Get TYPO3 up and running

As there are no backend users in the dump, you need to setup a local admin account.

  1. ddev ssh

  2. ../bin/typo3cms database:updateschema to update the database because the dump included in the assets you downloaded is missing some tables like sys_domain or caching related ones.

  3. ../bin/typo3cms backend:createadmin and set your username and password in the prompt. (You may need to call one of the scripts directly in the given directory, f.e. `php typo3-console.php backend:createadmin

Use built-in Solr server

If you want to use the Solr server (important for TER) you need to use the built-in Solr docker container. You can access the Solr admin panel:

The Solr docker image is running by default and is usable without configuration.


The command ddev start fails due to npm processes. What can I do?

You need to remove the folder node_modules located in private/typo3conf/ext/t3olayout/Build/ and clear the npm caches on the machine with ddev exec npm cache clear --force. After that, ddev start should work again.

I can't login in the frontend with my LDAP user.

Due to data protection issues, LDAP login isn't working for the local development. You need to setup an own frontend user.