Setup own local environment

Local installation of one of the sites


All you need is a local running web server. That can be done directly on the machine or with help of Virtual Machines like Vagrant, Docker, XAMPP, MAMP, etc.

If you have a local web server running, be sure you have all requirements needed for using TYPO3 11.5 LTS

  1. >= PHP 7.4

  2. A database (we are using MariaDB)

  3. If you want to work on the TER project you do need a Solr Server (v6.6). This is optional for the project.


You can find all needed Repositories at our Gitlab server.

To gain access to these repos you need to have a Account. If you are not able to login to Gitlab, the reason for this might be, that your Username is not present in our new LDAP environment. To solve this go to and log in there once.

You will find a repository for each project (,, As these repositories share the same template extension (t3olayout) you will also find this one and all the others. The extensions will be loaded via composer. Issues (Tickets) can be found in this repositories and you will need to send pull requests to them directly.

In this example we will guide you through the process of setting up an installation for

We provide the needed assets for this project (fileadmin and Database). You can download these assets in the Pipeline of Gitlab (link will be provided below) - so you dont have to take care of contents and stuff at all. This ensures that you will have an installation with the latest content up and running. The only thing is that you need to have a backend-user. If this isn't the case on or you need to create one using the installtool.


Clone and prepare files

  1. Clone your repository (in case for - find it here)

  2. Create a new host and point your Document Root to the subdirectory html in the repository

  3. Create a file html/typo3conf/AdditionalConfiguration.php or copy the given html/typo3conf/AdditionalConfiguration.sample.php to this name. Edit this file and add the credentials to your local database.

  4. Run composer install in the root of your project

Download and install assets

  1. Download and extract the ZIP file from GitLab, see Download assets

  2. Copy the folder fileadmin into the folder html.

  3. Import the DB.sql provided with the Artefacts into your local DB

Work with CSS and JS

  1. run npm install --prefix=vendor/t3o/t3olayout/Build/ on terminal/bash/shell

  2. run npm run build --prefix=vendor/t3o/t3olayout/Build/

    For all those who don't want to do this or are not able to build these files using npm the latest version of these files are also included in the asset-download.

Get TYPO3 up and running

  1. Run php vendor/bin/typo3cms install:generatepackagestates on terminal/bash/shell

  2. If you need a user to login to the backend you need to go to the installtool. Therefore you need to move to the folder private/typo3conf and create a file named ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL. This file can be empty. Then login to http(s)://yourinstall.local/typo3/install. The standard password (provided in AdditionalConfiguration.php) is joh316

  3. Scroll down to the tab 'important actions'. That is the start page of the installtool. At the bottom of the page you will find the possibility to create a new backend user. Create one and login to the backend at http(s)://yourinstall.local/typo3/