Notes of Thomas Löffler

News migration

Status before

  • TYPO3 4.5

  • tt_news

  • DAM

  • irre_ttnews (for content elements)

Status after

  • TYPO3 8 LTS

  • news

  • FAL

Steps of migration

  1. Upgrade to TYPO3 6.2

  2. Use dam_falmigration for assets

  3. Install news and news_ttnewsimport

  4. Due to the fact that we have all the same assets on the new server, we only need to get the uid from the unique identifier file_identifier

  5. Build mapping tables with (news_uid, file_uid and file_identifier) as well as (content_uid, file_uid and file_identifier)

  6. Migrate content elements (related with irre_ttnews) to the built-in possibility in news

  7. Move records of sys_file_reference only from news and depending content elements to new server

  8. Move news records and mapping table to new server

  9. Get uid of asset on new server from the file_identifier

  10. Replace old uids in sys_file_reference with the new ones

  11. Update news and content records with the number of related assets