Gitlab Workflows

We are using feature branches and merge requests to push changes. Here we present a short documentation about the workflow.


  • WIP = Work In Progress

  • MR = Merge Request

General Workflow

  1. Log in to GitLab.

  2. If you don't have access to the t3o project, ask one of the masters.

  3. Look into the different repositories. Priorities are:

    1. Testing and reviewing open merge requests

    2. Solving issues

    3. Creating issues

  4. If you have found a MR or issue, assign it to you.

  5. Work!

Issue Workflow

  1. Grab an issue and assign it to yourself.

  2. Click on the green button on the right to create a merge request. It is WIP (Work In Progress) by default if it's not done yet.

  3. Go to your local repository and do git fetch`. Now you should see the new branch with the number of your issue.

  4. Switch to the branch.

  5. Work!

    • You can do small commits and push them.

    • Every commit will be listed in the MR

  6. Create a MR thereby removing the "WIP:" from the title.

Merge Request Workflow

  1. Grab a MR and assign it to yourself.

  2. Review the code.

  3. Test the code locally.

  4. Everything is okay? Only then do the merge!

  5. Something isn't perfect? You want the code to be improved first? Then assign it back to the owner again.