Missing PHP Modules

The "System Environment" section of the Install Tool provides detailed information about any missing PHP modules and any other settings that may not be configured correctly.

For example, the PHP extensions openssl and fileinfo must be enabled. This can be achieved by adding (or uncommenting) the following lines in the [PHP] section of your php.ini file:


On a Windows-based server, these are the extension files:


PHP Caches, Extension Classes etc.

There are some situations which can cause what appear to be illogical problems after an upgrade:

  • If extensions override classes in which functions have changed. Solution: Try disabling all extensions and then enable them one by one until the error recurs.
  • If a PHP cache somehow fails to re-cache scripts: in particular, if a change happened to a parent class overridden by a child class which was not updated. Solution: Remove ALL cached PHP files (for PHP-Accelerator, remove /tmp/phpa_*) and restart Apache.

Opcode cache messages

No PHP opcode cache loaded

You do not have an opcode cache system installed or activated. If you want better performance for your website, then you should use one. The best choice is OPcache.

This opcode cache is marked as malfunctioning by the TYPO3 CMS Team.

This will be shown if an opcode cache system is found and activated, which is known to have "too many" errors and won't be supported by TYPO3 CMS (no bugfixes, security fixes or anything else). In current TYPO3 versions only OPcache is supported

This opcode cache may work correctly but has medium performance.

This will be shown if an opcode cache system is found and activated, which has some nitpicks. For example we cannot clear the cache for one file (which we changed) but only can reset the complete cache itself. This will happen with:

  • OPcache before 7.0.2 (Shouldn't be out in the wild.)
  • APC before 3.1.1 and some mysterious configuration combinations.
  • XCache
  • ZendOptimizerPlus

This opcode cache should work correctly and has good performance.

Well it seems that all is ok and working. Maybe you can tweak something more but this is out of our knowledge of your user scenario.