System Modules

The following system modules can help when trying to troubleshoot issues with TYPO3. Administrative rights are required.


The TYPO3 CMS backend logs a number of actions performed by backend users: login, cache clearing, database entries (creation, update, deletion), settings changes, file actions and errors. A number of filters are available to help filter this data.

DB Check

The Database (DB) Check module provides four functions related to the database and its content.

Record Statistics
Shows a count of the various records in the database, broken down by type for pages and content elements.
Checks if certain relations are empty or broken, typically used to check if files are being referenced.
A tool to search through the whole database. It offers an advanced mode which is similar to a visual query builder.
Check and update global reference index
TYPO3 CMS keeps a record of relations between all records. This may get out of sync when certain operations are performed without the strict context of the backend. It is therefore useful to update this index regularly.


The Configuration module can be used to view the various configuration arrays used by the CMS.


The Reports module contains information and diagnostic data about your TYPO3 CMS installation. It is recommended that you regularly check the "Status Report" as it will inform you about configuration errors, security issues, etc.