Backend Users

You can manage backend users using the SYSTEM > Backend users module.

The Backend Users module

This module makes it possible to search and filter users. They can also be edited, deleted and disabled.

Default Editors in the Introduction Package

The Introduction Package will create two default editors and groups for you: "simple_editor" and "advanced_editor".

Simulate User


The simplest way to check out another user (when one is an administrator) is to use the "simulate user" feature:

The last action icon lets us simulate another user

And here is what "simple_editor" sees when accessing the TYPO3 CMS backend:

The backend view for the "simple\_editor"

As you can see, this user only has access to the "Page" module. Furthermore its view of the page tree is also limited to the branch starting with the "Content examples" page.

To switch back to the admin account, click on the user's name in the top bar and click the "Exit" button (note that this button normally reads "Logout").

Exiting the backend user simulation


Now try doing the same with the "advanced_editor". You should see the following after switching user:

The backend view for the "advanced\_editor"

The "advanced_editor" is allowed to use more modules than "simple_editor" but doesn't have any access to the page tree. This is probably a bug of the Introduction Package, but it makes for a good exercise for changing user rights in the next chapters.