Beside the controllers, the domain objects and the templates we ship a few useful view helpers. To avoid a strong coupling between the extension and fluid as template engine we tried to keep all ViewHelpers as “slim” as possible. Whenever it was possible we moved the logic into custom service classes and just use them in the ViewHelper.

Since everything belongs to the “SearchResultSet” and we wanted to avoid the need ob passing this object around from “template to template” and “partial to partial” we decided to provide an own “ControllerContext” that referenced the “SearchResultSet”. With this approach, it is possible to access the “SearchResultSet” in every ViewHelper.

With the current release we ship the following concrete ViewHelpers:

Path Description
s:debug.documentScoreAnalyzer Used to render the score analysis.
s:debug.query Shows the solr query debug information.
s:document.highlightResult Performs the highlighting on a document.
s:document.relevance Shows the relevance information for a document. Filters the facets in the rendering scope to one group. Provides an array of available label prefixes that can be used to filter with Filters the options of a facet by a given prefix.
s:uri.facet.addFacetItem Add’s a facet item to the current url.
s:uri.facet.removeAllFacets Removes all facet items from the current url.
s:uri.facet.removeFacet Removes all options from one facet.
s:uri.facet.removeFacetItem Removes a single facet item from the url.
s:uri.facet.setFacetItem Sets one single item for a facet (and removes other setted)
s:uri.paginate.resultPage Creates a link to a result page of the current search. Creates a link to the current search (with facets, sorting…) Creates a link for a new search by a term.
s:uri.sorting.removeSorting Creates a link to the current search and removes the sorting.
s:uri.sorting.setSorting Creates a link to the current search and sets a new sorting.
s:pageBrowserRange Provides the range data for the pagination.
s:searchForm Renders the searchForm.
s:translate Custom translate ViewHelper (uses translations from ext:solr)