Fluid Template Structure

First we start with a short overview of the template structure. This is just to get an rought overview. The templates will be explained in detail in the template where they belong to:

  • Layouts: Layouts that are used in the search and the faceting.
  • Partials:
    • Facets: Partials that are use to render the specific facet types.
    • Result: Partials that are used during the result rendering (e.g. to render the result document, sorting or perPage selector)
    • Search: Partials that are used for the search also when no search was executed.
  • Templates:
    • Search: All templates that are used to render the actions in the SearchController
    • ViewHelper: All templates that are use in the widgets (FrequentSearched, LastSearches, ResultPaginate)

All backend related files are in a “Backend” folder. Everything else is frontend related.