Configuration Structure

The configuration can be found in the folder “Resources/Private/Solr”.

This folder contains:

  • The folder “configsets”: This folder a set of configuration files that can be deployed into a solr server, as a template.

It contains the “solrconfig.xml” file, the “schema.xml” files for all languages and the accessfilter libary that belongs to this version as a jar file. This configSet needs to be in place on a solr server to create cores that are compatible to the EXT:solr extension.

  • The folder “cores”: This folder ships an example “” file for all languages that are compatible with EXT:solr.

A “” file references a “configSet” that should be used. The path to the schema that is bound to a core is configured as “schema” relative to the root folder of the “configSet”.

By example a “” file looks like this:

  • The solr.xml file: This file configures solr as required for the used Apache Solr version.

The EXT:solr configSet

As mentioned before the configSet is one single package, that contains all to customize a plain Apache Solr Server, to an Apache Solr Server, ready for EXT:solr & TYPO3.

The configset of the current release is located in “Resources/Private/Solr/configsets/ext_solr_<release>”.

Inside the configSet you find the following folders:

  • conf: This folder contains the solr configuration and all schemata files. There is one directory for each language which ships the schema.xml file for this language.

The schema.xml file contains the language specific adaptions and includes all general schema fields and types with an XInclude statement.

<!-- xinclude fields -->
<xi:include href="../general_schema_types.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>

<!--  xinclude fields-->
<xi:include href="../general_schema_fields.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
  • typo3lib: This folder ships the compiled access filter jar file, that should be used with this EXT:solr version.

The solrconfig (conf/solrconfig.xml) is configured to load all jar files from typo3lib.

Setup steps

With the extension we ship an installer for development and a docker images that can be used to install solr.

When you want to install solr on your system in another way the following steps are required.

  • Install the solr server
  • Copy the configsets into the configset folder (by default $SOLR_HOME/server/solr/configsets)
  • Make sure that the solr.xml file ($SOLR_HOME/server/solr/solr.xml) is in place an fits to your solr version
  • Create an init script that start solr on boottime.
  • Secure your solr port from outside.
  • Make sure that solr is running with an own user.
  • Backup your data folders

Hint: Apache Solr ships an install script in newer version that might cover your requirements for production ($SOLR_HOME/bin/ We don’t use it in EXT:solr because there are currently problems when using it with ubuntu xenial (16.04)