In the extension configuration .. image:: ../Images/ExtensionConfiguration.png

Option Description
Autocomplete longitude and latitude You can enable to search the coordinates on when saving an fe_users or tt_address element.
Use service to find coordinates Use this service to get the coordinates of an address. If you select “Only cache” you have to fill the cache table manually. If you select a provider here, be aware that the fields “zip”, “city” and “country” of every address record you save is sent to the provider.
Contact email address Enter a contact email address for the service provider here. If not specified, email address of server admin is used.
Use local javascripts and images Activate this if you don’t like to use the javascript files from and to use the local versions in ods_osm/Resources/.

There is a function to mass gecode addresses in the functions menu.



Property Data type Description Default
cluster boolean Cluster marker at lower map zoom. 0
cluster_radius integer Cluster marker in given radius. 80
external_control boolean
Allow control with GET or POST
lon: Map center longitude
lat: Map center latitudezoom: Map zoom level
layers: Comma separated list of tx_odsosm_layer uid’s
records: Comma separated list of markers
Don’t forget to set no_cache=1
height integer   400
icon IMAGE or TEXT object Default marker image Library default
JSlibrary string JavaScript library: none / jquery none
layer integer list
Comma separated list of tx_odsosm_layer uid’s.
1: Mapnik
3: CycleMap
4: Seamarks
5: OpenPisteMap
13: ÖPNV Deutschland
14: Hike & Bike Map
15: Hillshading (NASA SRTM3 v2)
16: By Night
17: Hiking routes
18: Mapnik BW
19: MapSurfer.Net Road
20: MapSurfer.Net Topographic
21: MapSurfer.Net Hybrid
25: TransportMap
26: MapQuest
27: MapQuest Open Aerial
28: Cycling routes
29: Stamen Toner
30: Stamen Watercolor
31: Public Transport Lines
32: Stamen Terrain Labels
layerswitcher. div boolean Use extra div for the layerswitcher. 0
layerswitcher. options string Additional options when creating layerswitcher.  
library string Library: leaflet / openlayers / openlayers3 / static openlayers
marker array with table name and integer list Tablenames and a comma separated list of record ids. see m
marker_popup_initial integer Open popup of this marker  
mouse_navigation boolean   0
no_marker boolean
If no marker is set:
0: Hide map
1: Show map
path_openlayers string Overwrites the path to OpenLayers.js  
popup TS object There are two additional fields: “group_title” and “group_description” filled with group information. see p
position boolean Get current user postion from browser to center the map. 0
show_layerswitcher boolean   0
show_pan_zoom integer
show_popups boolean
show_scalebar boolean Show a scale line on the map. 0
static_script string Marker ###STATIC_SCRIPT### in layer “Include static JavaScript”. Use it for google or bing maps api key.  
use_coords_only_nomarker boolean Use the default coordinates only if no marker exists. 0
width integer   640


pages =
fe_users =
fe_groups =
tx_odsosm_track =


fe_users = COA
fe_users {
        10 = TEXT
        10.field = name
        10.wrap = |
        20 = TEXT
        20.field = description


plugin.tx_odsosm_pi1 {
        width = 800
        height = 600
        mouse_navigation = 1

Example of icon property

plugin.tx_odsosm_pi1 {
        icon {
                # IMAGE example
                fe_users = IMAGE
                fe_users {
                        file = fileadmin/icon.png

                # HTML example
                fe_users = TEXT
                fe_users {
                        value = <span>X</span>