Users manual

Frontend Plugin

Insert the Openstreetmap as frontend plugin and define at least one marker to show. The map will center to the average coordinates of the markers.

Plugin option (TS option) Description
Marker to show (marker) Show these records on the map.
Cluster markers (cluster) Group nearby markers.
Width (width) Width of the map in pixels.
Height (height) Height of the map in pixels.
Longitude (lon) Default longitude.
Latitude (lat) Default latitude.
Use this coordinates only if no marker exists (use_coords_only_nomarker) If unset, the map is always centered at the given coordinates. If set, the map is only centered there if no marker exists.
Zoom (zoom) Zoom level.
Library (library) Choose between openlayers, leaflet or static.
Base layer (layer) Show this map. The user can switch between these base layers if the layerswitcher is is enabled.
Show popups (show_popups) Show a popup window with record information if the user hover or click a marker.
Show this marker’s popup initially (marker_popup_initial) Open this marker’s popup if the user visit the map.
Mouse navigation (mouse_navigation) Allow navigation with the mouse.
Show pan/zoom (show_pan_zoom) Show pan/zoom element.
Show layerswitcher (show_layerswitcher) Show layerswitcher which allows the user to hide markers from the same group.
Show scalebar (show_scalebar) Show pan/zoom element.
Show current position (position) Center the map on the current position of the user (if available)

New elements


You can define your own layers on root level.

Element option Description
Title Title of this layer. Shown in layerswitcher.
Is overlay Base layer or overlay layer?
JavaScript part to create this layer.
###TITLE###: Title of layer.
###VISIBLE###: Contains “’visible’:true” if is overlay and no layerswitcher activated.
Include static JavaScript
Optionally include this javascript file.
###STATIC_SCRIPT###: Value set by TS
Static map URL
Download static map from this URL.
###lat###: Latitude of map center.
###lon###: Longitude of map center.
###zoom###: Zoom level.
###width###: Image width.
###height###: Image height.
Tile URL URL to fetch tiles. Used by OpenLayers if no JavaScript defined. Used by leaflet.
Maximum zoom Maximum zoom level of this layer.
Subdomains Tile URL subdomains (Variable {s})
Attribution Attribution text of this layer.
Homepage Homepage URL of this layer.


Element option Description
Title Title for this track. Only shown in backend.
Icon Icon file.
Size The size of the icon. Would determined automatically on save.
Offset The offset of the icon. It describes the arrowhead. Would automatically choose the middle bottom of the image.


Element option Description
Title Title for this track. Shown in layerswitcher.
Color Color of the track line in the map.
Width Width of the track line.
File Select only one gpx file here.

Extended elements

Website user

Element option Description
Longitude and Latitude Enter the coordinates of an address here. It would determined automatically if zip or city is set and autocompletion is enabled in the extension manager. Use the OpenStreetMap icon to search the coordinates on the map.

Website usergroup

Element option Description
Marker Optionally specify a marker here.