Rule sets

Rule sets are managed with the third tab of the configuration panel:

General rule sets

They basically are a set of options that should override the general settings under certain circumstances. The picture above shows two rules:

  • Allow higher resolution pictures if they are targeted at the press (e.g., allow pictures to be as wide as 4000px). This may either be group-related (user of group "Press and Communication" are allowed to upload such big pictures) and/or directory-related (photos uploaded in a special press/ directory are allowed to be that large).

  • Convert all images to jpg for news editors. You may define that members of a group "News Editors" have all their pictures converted to jpg, whatever the original format was.

The following picture shows how a rule set is configured:

Rules for a user groups

The parameters are identical to those for the general settings. The mechanism is easy to understand:

  • Rule sets are tested in the order of their definition. You may reorder them by drag-and-drop. First rule set that matches will be used. If no rule set matches, general settings will be taken into account, if they matches!

  • Settings in the rule set which are left empty or undefined (groups) will inherit the corresponding value from general settings.


When batch processing images, rule sets restricted to a given list of user groups will match but will not actually trigger the resize of the image since the user group cannot be determined anymore after a file has been uploaded.