Target group: Administrators


  • If you reimplement your own theme, it has no requirements at all
  • for the example themes:
    • Bootstrap 3/4 CSS
    • Bootstrap 3/4 JavaScript for collapse and modal
    • jQuery



Pay attention to the extension’s version number!

Each version of Cookieman only supports a single LTS version of TYPO3 (TYPO3 v8-*). This might be a bit confusing but makes development and testing easier.

  1. Get the extension:

    1. From the Extension Manager: Open the Extension Manager module in the TYPO3 backend and choose ‘Get extensions’. Search for the extension key cookieman. Click on the extension title to get a list of all available versions. Import and install the version which is compatible to your TYPO3 version.
    2. From the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER): You can download ZIP archives of different versions from Upload the file afterwards in the Extension Manager.
    3. With composer: Use composer req dmind/cookieman. This will load a compatible version available from Packagist.
  2. Integration: Include the static TypoScript “Cookieman” in your root template or reference the necessary files in your site package. This will get you a group mandatory with the tracking object CookieConsent.

    For evaluation purposes: Include the static TypoScript “Cookieman (Example configuration of groups and tracking objects)” to see a full example with multiple groups and tracking objects.

  3. Configure the extension with TypoScript constants and setup (see Configuration).