What does it do?

A GDPR tracking consent popup. It asks for approval to include tracking objects (cookies, images or any HTML) and includes the objects when consented. It enables tracking from the very first page (including referrer). Consents are shown in groups and saved to a cookie. It provides a stable API to read out consents with JavaScript. From version 2.3.9+ it removes configured tracking cookies when the user revokes consent.

When is the popup shown to users?

By default, the popup is shown once on every page load until the user saves the consent status. In our demo themes, we allow closing the popup without making a selection by clicking outside or using the ESC key. This is to follow our interpretation of GDPR that a consenting decision should not be forced.

When the user saves the consent status, a new cookie CookieConsent will be set with the approved cookie groups.

Exceptions are imprint and data privacy statement pages - this is to follow the GDPR’s expectation that those pages shall be easily and directly accessible and should not interfere with a cookie consent banner. The page UIDs can be set in TypoScript. This also allows to link to these pages directly in the popup.


  • Tracking objects: Render detailed information about your cookies, tracking pixels, LocalStorage entries…: Name, Purpose, Lifetime, Type, Provider
  • Tracking objects: Commonly used tracking objects are already supported with configuration and information text
  • Tracking objects: Extendable as needed
  • Tracking objects: HTML Cookies will be removed from the user’s browser
  • Groups: Group your tracking objects (e.g. “Mandatory”, “Marketing”, “Analytics”)
  • Groups: Preselect and/or disable groups, e.g. the group for mandatory technical cookies
  • A note about the “Do-not-track” setting can be shown inside the popup and this setting can also be respected (configurable on a per-group level)
  • The extension includes 3 ready-made themes based on Bootstrap
  • Customization: Fluid templates and all texts can be adjusted to your needs


  • Supports all modern browsers and Internet Explorer 11
  • Can be configured to work with a strict Content Security Policy (no inline scripts are needed)


You can click around the included demo themes here. Have a look at the JavaScript console to see when tracking gets enabled.

You can also try out the “Do-not-track” setting of your browser which triggers a message inside the popup (in the “marketing” group) when enabled.


You can find some notes about the differences among the example themes here: theme.

(Click on the screenshots to open the full resolution.)

Bootstrap 4 Modal

Bootstrap 4 Modal, status on page load. Groups can be opened for details.

Bootstrap 3 Modal

Bootstrap 4 Modal, opened. Shows details about the used cookies.

Bootstrap 4 Modal

Bootstrap 4 Modal with customized colors.

Bootstrap 3 Modal

Bootstrap 3 Modal, status on page load. Groups can be opened for details.

Bootstrap 3 Banner

Bootstrap 3 Banner, status on page load.

Bootstrap 3 Banner

Bootstrap 3 Banner, opened. Shows details about the used cookies.