t3oodle ships all required CSS and JavaScript code. The markup in templates is based on Bootstrap CSS Framework in version 4.5.

The provided JavaScript is written in vanilla JS. No bootstrap JS or any other library required.


All custom styles are located in Resources/Public/Stylesheets/t3oodle.css. This file get included in TypoScript setup of t3oodle.

Also you can include an optional TypoScript template, which includes a custom build of Bootstrap itself. You don’t need to include this optional styles, when you already use Bootstrap in your frontend.


All JavaScript provided by t3oodle are based on vanilla JS. The used date picker is flatpickr, which is also written in vanilla JS. No frameworks are required.

If frameworks are in use, they do not affect t3oodle’s functionality.

Asynchronous loading

Main entry point for t3oodle’s JavaScript functionality is the file Resources/Public/JavaScript/t3oodle.js. Here, all other scripts are loaded dynamically, when requested (determined by query selectors on page).