You can install t3oodle with or without Composer. It’s recommended to use composer.

With Composer

Just perform the following command on CLI:

$ composer req fgtclb/t3oodle

When composer is done, you need to enable the extension in the extension manager.

Without Composer

You can also fetch t3oodle from TER and install it the old-fashioned way.

Extension settings

t3oodle does not provide any extensions settings. Configuration is made in TypoScript setup.

TypoScript settings

Make sure to include the TypoScript t3oodle Main (required) to your template.

Include static (from extensions) in sys_template record

In Configuration chapter, you see all TypoScript settings and its defaults.

Because t3oodle is based on Bootstrap CSS framework v4, there is an optional TypoScript for this: t3oodle Custom Bootstrap Styles (optional)


All javascripts included in frontend are written in vanilla JS and run in parallel with any other framework (like Vue.js).