t3oodle is a simple poll extension for TYPO3 CMS, which allows your frontend users to create polls


Show action of a single poll, shown as author of the poll.


You will find a demonstration of the extension on https://t3oodle.com


  • Create and edit polls (and its options) in frontend
    • Two types are available: simple options and schedule (with date picker)
    • Each poll has various settings, like
      • Third option state (yes/no/maybe)
      • Expire date
      • Secret votings and/or participants or
      • Limit amount of votes per option
  • Vote on existing polls
  • The suggestion mode let your participants provide options, before voting
  • Accessible for logged in frontend users and guests (configurable)
    • guests get a “userIdentifier” stored as cookie, when they create a poll or vote for it!
  • Poll author can finish voting and select a final option
  • Highly configurable (via TypoScript)
  • Easy to extend, thanks to helpful signals and well structured templates
  • Provided JavaScript functionality
    • is written in pure (vanilla) JS
    • ships and uses the date picker “flatpickr” (as only dependency)
    • runs in parallel with other JS frameworks, like Vue.js
  • TYPO3 9 LTS and 10 LTS compatibility
  • Complete documentation