• Here you find all the changes through the versions.
Version Changes
0.4.0 Initial upload to TER. Beta version!
0.4.3 Bugfixing. TYPO3 8 compatibility.

Settings sortOrder, limit, listId and showId added. Slide-list-action added.

Bugfixing: CDATA removed (TYPO3 8 doesn´t like it - TYPO3 7 needs it sometimes).

0.6.0 {settings.more.*} and additional-Flexforms added. Slide preview to the page layout view added.
0.6.2 cettcontent now as integer-field. Iconprovider was wrong.
0.6.3 Compatibility to jQuery 3.

Now for TYPO3 8 and 9.

TypoScript-setup plugin.tx_fpfractionslider_pi1 renamed to plugin.tx_fpfractionslider. Note: you need to rename your TypoScript-setup-settings in some cases too. I did this because TYPO3 8 ignores the “Record Storage Page” when plugin.tx_fpfractionslider_pi1.persistence.storagePid is empty (or set)!

1.1.0 Version for TYPO3 9 and 10.

addSlash-parameter in the Viewhelper activated. Default value: true.

extension-key added to composer.json.

Bugfix for TYPO3 10: image appearance in the BE.