• Here you can make some settings.
Property Data type Description Default
view.templateRootPaths.0 & .1 string Path to the main template. EXT:…
view.partialRootPaths.0 & .1 string Path to the partials of the template. EXT:…
view.layoutRootPaths.0 & .1 string Path to the layout template. EXT:…
persistence.storagePid int Storage PID of the slider elements. Can be defined by the plugin too.  
settings.listId int Link to a list-page.  
settings.showId int Link to a single-page.  
settings.sortOrder int sorting order: asc or desc. asc
settings.limit int Limit: how many entries should be shown? 0: all.  
settings.fractionslider.* array Settings for the “jQuery-FractionSlider”.  
settings.sliderpro.* array Settings for the “Professional jQuery Content Slider Plugin - Slider Pro”.  
settings.sliderrevolution.* array Settings for the “Slider revolution”.  
settings.more.* array Settings for an additional slide.  


Here an TypoScript constants example:

plugin.tx_fpfractionslider_pi1.view {
  templateRootPath = fileadmin/Resources/Private/Slider/Templates/
  partialRootPath = fileadmin/Resources/Private/Slider/Partials/
  layoutRootPath = fileadmin/Resources/Private/Slider/Layouts/

Here some TypoScript setup example:

plugin.tx_fpfractionslider.persistence.storagePid >
plugin.tx_fpfractionslider.persistence.storagePid = 603
plugin.tx_fpfractionslider.settings.limit = 10
plugin.tx_fpfractionslider.settings.fractionslider.timeout = 3000

Note: visit the homepage of the slider plugin to understand the settings of each slider.

Note: you will find an installtion guide in each HTML-template in typo3conf/ext/fp_fractionslider/Resources/Private/Templates/Slide/