• You can add an additional slide, if you want. Why? If you don´t want to show all slides, you can add an additional slide to your template. There you could set a link to a list-view-page with all slides/news.


Here an example for the sliderpro-template. Add this to sp-thumbnails:

<div class="sp-thumbnail">
        <div class="sp-thumbnail-text">
                <div class="sp-thumbnail-title">{settings.more.text1}</div>
                <f:if condition="{settings.more.text2} != ''"><div class="sp-thumbnail-description">{settings.more.text2}</div></f:if>

And this to sp-slides:

<div class="sp-slide">
        <f:image src="fileadmin/your/image.jpg" alt="" class="sp-image" />
        <p class="sp-caption sp-white sp-padding"
                data-horizontal="40" data-vertical="40" data-position="bottomRight"
                data-show-transition="left" data-hide-transition="up" data-show-delay="500" data-hide-delay="100">
                        < pageUid="{settings.listId}">{settings.more.textlink}</>