Page TSconfig

  • You can use the Page TSconfig to hide unused fields.


Here an example to hide some fields: = 1
TCEFORM.tx_fpfractionslider_domain_model_part.revolution.disabled = 1
TCEFORM.tx_fpfractionslider_domain_model_part.cettcontent.disabled = 1
TCEFORM.tx_fpfractionslider_domain_model_part.cssstyles.disabled = 1
TCEFORM.tx_fpfractionslider_domain_model_slide.color.disabled = 1
TCEFORM.tx_fpfractionslider_domain_model_slide.subtitle.disabled = 1


Image: you find this on the Ressources tab of a page

You have to use the table-name and column-name. The column-names for the different effects are: fraction, pro and revolution.