If you translate an event into a new language, events2 will not create day records for this language. That's because you may have changed the event_type of an event. In that case events2 can not associate a day record of default language to day records of the translated record. As a solution we have disabled the translation feature for day table completely.

This approach has one disadvantage:

You currently can't search for translated events in frontend search.

Where are the day records build?

We build the day records while saving an event record in backend. Further we re-build them while executing the scheduler task Re-Create day records and while executing the command events2:rebuild.

Can I export events?

No. Currently you have to create your own export mechanism. But as we have implemented such a solution already for one of our customers you can ask us at: projects@jweiland.net

Can I import events?

Yes. But currently only XML files are allowed. Please add Scheduler Task Import events and set a filepath to import. Examples of XML files are available at https://github.com/jweiland-net/events2/tree/main/Tests/Functional/Fixtures/XmlImport.

We will validate the imported file against configuration in EXT:events2/Resources/Public/XmlImportValidator.xsd.

All errors will be logged in a Messages.txt in same directory of imported XML file.

Namespace change of search plugin

In Extbase a link will be created by its Plugin Namespace like tx_events2_calendar or tx_events2_list. As we have designed plugin Search form as its own Plugin it will only react and build links based on plugin namespace tx_events2_searchform. But this is a problem. To build correct links within the search results plugin which should be compatible with our events2 list Plugin we have to change its plugin namespace to tx_events2_list.

That's why we set the plugin namespace of search results plugin back to namespace of events2 list plugin:

plugin.tx_events2_searchresults.view.pluginNamespace = tx_events2_list

We prefer to not change that value.

File Uploads

If you need the image rights from the uploader for uploaded images you should install EXT:checkfaluploads and add following line into FormFields template:

<f:form.checkbox value="1" name="event[images][{index}][rights]" checked="" />

In our TypeConverter we check for installed checkfaluploads and add an error message, if checkbox was not activated

If you want to delete an image, you can add following line into FormFields template:

<f:form.checkbox value="1" name="event[images][{index}][delete]" checked="" />