Event record


Top of List

Default: false

If activated this event will always be on top of list. If you have multiple events marked top_of_list events2 will order them by title DESC.


If you mark a recurring event with a lot of dates as top of list, this record with ALL of its dates will move to top. So it may happen, that the next event will be shown on page 2 or 3 in PageBrowser. In such cases we prefer to set on of the merge Features in plugin configuration.


Default: empty

The title of the event.

Event Type

Default: single

There are currently three different kinds of event types available. Choose one


This event will be visible for just one day. It is not possible to add or remove any days


Think at holidays. You're away from 17.07.2020 - 21.07.2020. So it is not possible for others to take part on your holidays at 20.07.2020. This is the main difference to recurring events where you can create different time records for each day.


Think at a meeting two times a week. With recurring events you can create events like 1st and 3rd monday and friday a week, beginning at 08:00 and 16:00 o'clock except 24.12. because of X-Mas but additional at 17.07.2020, because of a special guest and please use a different time slot, if event matches friday.

Path Segment

Default: An URL interpretable string of column title

Path segment for speaking URLs

Event Begin

Default: today

For single event: Date of Event For duration event: First date of Event For recurring event: First date to start day generation

Event End

Default: empty

For duration event: Last date of Event

End of recurring

Default: empty

For recurring event: Last date of day generation


Add a time record, to define times for: Begin, Entry, Duration and End. This record is a default for all recurring days, but can be overwritten by other time records.

Same Day

Default: false

After activating this checkbox the form will be reloaded and you have the possibility to assign multiple time records for one day. But be careful, if you define other time records for a special weekday below, it will overwrite this setting completely.

Multiple Times

Default: empty

See description for column same_day


How often should this event repeated.

Example: Each 1st and 3rd monday a month


How often should this event be repeated.

Example: Each 1st monday and wednesday a month

Different times each weekday

You can set another time for a specified weekday. Be careful: This setting will overwrite the setting of multiple times above completely, if it matches.

Recurring weeks

If you change that value the complete form will reload and you can set a recurring over weeks.

Recurring months

If you change that value the complete form will reload and you can set a recurring over months.


With this records you can define some specials for your recurring event. You can add or remove a special date for your recurring. Further you can define some additional information or change the times for a special date.


This is a short version (1 or 2 sentences) of your detail information. It will be displayed in listings. If not given the first 100 letters of detail information will be displayed

Detail information

This detail text will be displayed at the detail page of the event record.

Free entry

If a visitor can access this event for free activate this checkbox.


Where will this event take place?

This is a required field, if it was set as required in Extension Settings.


Who will organize this event?

This is a required field, if it was set as required in Extension Settings.


Add one or more images to your event. You can resize them by TS-Settings