Version 6.0.0 - 2023/11/06

This release is a new major release. It introduces support for TYPO3 12 LTS. TYPO3 11 LTS and 10 LTS are not supported anymore in Version 6.x.


Download this version from the TYPO3 extension repository or from GitHub.


  • Support for TYPO3 version 12


  • Reworked backend module



  • Backend module action 'show'

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2023-11-06 [TASK] Migrate fixes from TER-144 as well as documentation from latest 5.x release [TER-151] [TER-152] (#189) (Commit da4fbdd by Niklas Grieger)
2023-10-12 [BUGFIX] Fix list module if icons from files in secured directories are displayed and the editor has no access to the parent folder [TER-139] [TER-140] (#182) (Commit 7e6138d by Niklas Grieger)
2023-10-11 [BUGFIX] Consider global SSL setting [TER-133] [TER-134] (#179) (Commit ae85fc9 by Niklas Grieger)
2023-07-17 Merge pull request #174 from ervaude/patch-1 (Commit b560d85 by Marcus Balasch)
2023-07-17 [BUGFIX] Update URLs for links to in (Commit a46fa9c by Daniel Goerz)
2023-06-21 [TASK] Move typecast to variable assignment. (Commit a2a6c98 by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-21 [BUGFIX] Test 'whenALinkWithAnOtherUserIDofTheCurrentUserLinkResponseBodyIsModified' fails. Thanks to J. Peter M. Schuler #163 (Commit 20fbdbf by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-21 [TASK] Update testing framework. (Commit ca9177c by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-20 [TASK] Undo removal of extension configuration 'log'. (Commit 0ba273a by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-20 [TASK] Remove extension configuration 'Log Module (logging.log [boolean])'. (Commit 0587085 by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-20 [TASK] Refactor Traffic Log backend module and its templates. (Commit f5ebf85 by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-20 [TASK] Refactor code for PHP >=7.4. Thanks to Oliver Kleinecke (Commit 0d156c3 by Sebastian Afeldt)
2023-06-16 [TASK] Support TYPO3 12.4. Thanks to sk-foresite #162 (Commit a605ecf by Sebastian Afeldt)


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