Launch a Distribution

Page: Launch it!

Page: Launch it!

The result in the backend after installing and enabling a Launch-TYPO3-Distribution.


  • The distribution must be a Launch-TYPO3-Distribution.

  • Look for Launch-Distribution supported by the extension-manager > Get preconfigured distribution.

  • Ore use the TYPO3-repository at and look with the search-word launch.

  • The first Launch-Distribution was "Launch TYPO3 GRÜNE!". We take it for the sample below.

Installation (sample)

  • Extension-manager > Get preconfigured distribution.

  • Activate the distribution "Launch TYPO3 GRÜNE!".

  • Start your TYPO3-frontend.

  • Click on [Launch your TYPO3-project!]

Real installation

Please refer to the manual of the Launch-TYPO3-Distribution you are using.

Installation failes?

You can install the page "Launch it!" manually.