Installation failes

Error Description

  • I have installed a Launch-Distribution supported by the extension-manager > Get preconfigured distribution.

  • But page tree is empty, page "Launch it!" isn't shown.


If nothing can solve the bug, you can create the page "Launch it!" manually.


Create a page and call it "Launch it!"

TypoScript template

Add a TypoScript template

TypoScript options

TypoScript options


  • [X] constants

  • [X] setup and

  • [X] Rootlevel

like in the illustration above.

Include static templates

Include static templates

Include the static templates

  • Launch [1] and

  • Launch [9] of your Launch-TYPO3-Distribution

Content element

Plugin: Launch it!

Plugin: Launch it!

Add the plugin "Launch it!"


Page: Launch it!

Page: Launch it!

Your page with the template record and the content element.


Visit your page in the frontend.