Encrypting and hashing passwords

Overview of Methods

\nn\t3::Encrypt()->hash($string = '');

Simple hashing, such as when checking a uid against a hash.

\nn\t3::Encrypt()->hash( $uid );

Also acts as a ViewHelper:

@return string

\nn\t3::Encrypt()->password($clearTextPassword = '', $context = 'FE');

Hashing of a password according to Typo3 principle. Application: Password of a fe_user in the database

@return string

\nn\t3::Encrypt()->checkPassword($password = '', $passwordHash = NULL);

Checks if hash of a password and a password ümatch. Application: compare the password hash of a fe_user in the database with a given password.

\nn\t3::Encrypt()->checkPassword('99grad', '$1$wtnFi81H$mco6DrrtdeqiziRJyisdK1.');
@return boolean