Overview of Methods


Get the current FE user. Alias to \nn\t3::FrontendUser()->getCurrentUser();


Also acts as a ViewHelper:

@return User


Get user group of current FE user;

@return User

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->getCurrentUserGroups($returnRowData = false);

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->getCurrentUserGroups(); => [1 => ['title'=>'Group A', 'uid' => 1]]
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->getCurrentUserGroups( true ); => [1 => [... all fields of the DB] ]
@return array

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->isInUserGroup($feGroups = NULL);

Prüft whether the current fe-user is within a specified user group.

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->isInUserGroup( 1 );
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->isInUserGroup( ObjectStorage<FrontendUserGroup> );
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->isInUserGroup( [FrontendUserGroup, FrontendUserGroup, ...] );
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->isInUserGroup( [['uid'=>1, ...], ['uid'=>2, ...]] );
@return boolean


return all existing user groups

@return array


Check if the user is logged in. before: isset($GLOBALS[‘TSFE’]) && $GLOBALS[‘TSFE’]->loginUser | @return bool


Get the UID of the current frontend user. | @return int


Get the session ID of the current frontend user. | @return string


Get language uid of current user | @return int


Check if the logged in user has a specific role | @param $role | @return bool

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->login($username, $password = NULL);

Logging in user manually. As of v10: alias to \nn\t3::FrontendUserAuthentication()->loginByUsername( $username );

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->login('99degrees', 'password');
@param $username
@param $password

@throws ReflectionException


Manually log out current FE-USer. | @return void

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->setPassword($feUserUid = NULL, $password = NULL);

Change the password of a FE user. Alias to \nn\t3::FrontendUserAuthentication()->setPassword().

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->setPassword( 12, '123password$#' );
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->setPassword( $frontendUserModel, '123password#$' );
@return boolean


Manually delete the current fe_typo_user cookie

@return void

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->getSessionData($key = NULL);

Get session data for FE users

@return mixed

\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->setSessionData($key = NULL, $val = NULL, $merge = true);

Set session-data for FE-user

// Merge session-data for `shop` with new data (already existing keys in `shop` will not be deleted).
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->setSessionData('shop', ['a'=>1]));

// overwrite session-data for `shop` (`a` from the example above will be deleted)
\nn\t3::FrontendUser()->setSessionData('shop', ['b'=>1], false));
@return mixed