Wrapper for methods around the localization of Typo3

Overview of Methods

\nn\t3::LL()->get($id = '', $extensionName = '', $args = [], $explode = '', $langKey = NULL, $altLangKey = NULL);

Get localization for a specific key

Uses the translations specified in the xlf of an extension. These files are located by default in EXT:extname/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf or EXT:extname/Resources/Private/Language/en.locallang.xlf for the respective translation.

// Simple example:
\nn\t3::LL()->get('tx_nnaddress_domain_model_entry', 'nnaddress');

// Replace arguments in string: 'After the %s comes the %s' or 'Before the %2$s comes the %1$s'.
\nn\t3::LL()->get('tx_nnaddress_domain_model_entry', 'nnaddress', ['one', 'two']);

// explode() the result at a separator character
\nn\t3::LL()->get('tx_nnaddress_domain_model_entry', 'nnaddress', null, ',');

// Translate to a language other than the current frontend language.
\nn\t3::LL()->get('tx_nnaddress_domain_model_entry', 'nnaddress', null, null, 'en');
\nn\t3::LL()->get('LLL:EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_db.xlf:my.identifier', null, null, 'en');
@param string $id
@param string $extensionName
@param array $args
@param string $explode
@param string $langKey
@param string $altLangKey
@return mixed

\nn\t3::LL()->translate($srcText = '', $targetLanguageKey = 'EN', $sourceLanguageKey = 'DE');

Übersetzt a text via DeepL. An API key must be entered in the Extension Manager. DeepL allows the ¨translation of up to 500,000 characters / month for free.

\nn\t3::LL()->translate( 'The horse doesn't eat cucumber salad' );
\nn\t3::LL()->translate( 'The horse does not eat cucumber salad', 'EN' );
\nn\t3::LL()->translate( 'The horse doesn't eat cucumber salad', 'EN', 'DE' );
@return string