Nothing really special about the installation. Simply do, what you always do to get the extension up and running.

No need to add any TypoScript Templates.

You love the Extension Manager?

Press the Retrieve/Update button and search for the extension key nnhelpers and import the extension from the repository. Start coding. Have fun.

Nothing beats handwork?

You can always get current version from Download the t3x or zip version. Upload the file afterwards in the Extension Manager.

composer is your friend?

In case you are in a composer mode installation of typo3, you can require the latest release from packagist with

composer require nng/nnhelpers

Want to git it?

You can get the latest version from by using the git command:

git clone

Defining dependencies

If you want to use nnhelpers in your own extension, make sure to define the dependeny in your ext_emconf.php and composer.json:

This goes in the ext_emconf.php of your extension:

   'constraints' => [
      'depends' => [
         'nnhelpers' => '1.7.0-0.0.0',

And this is the part for the composer.json of your extension:

   "require": {
      "nng/nnhelpers": "^1.6"