Simplifies the work and access to the sys_category of Typo3 .

Overview of Methods

\nn\t3::SysCategory()->findAll($branchUid = NULL);

Get list of all sys_categories

@return array

\nn\t3::SysCategory()->findAllByUid($branchUid = NULL);

Get list of all sys_categories, return uid as key

@return array

\nn\t3::SysCategory()->findByUid($uidList = NULL);

get sys_categories based on uid(s).

\nn\t3::SysCategory()->findByUid( 12 );
\nn\t3::SysCategory()->findByUid( '12,11,5' );
\nn\t3::SysCategory()->findByUid( [12, 11, 5] );
@return array|\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\Category


\nn\t3::SysCategory()->getTree($branchUid = NULL);

Get the entire SysCategory tree (as an array). Each node has the attributes 'parent' and 'children', to be able to recursively iterate through tree.

\nn\t3::SysCategory()->getTree( $uid );

ToDo: Check if caching makes sense

@return array